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Ótima explicação sobre circuitos (em inglês)

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Ótima explicação sobre circuitos (em inglês) Empty Ótima explicação sobre circuitos (em inglês)

Mensagem por Ivanov_br Dom Nov 08, 2020 10:54 am

Em função dos reviews que estou fazendo, estou me dedicando a aprender um pouco mais sobre os diversos aspectos do contrabaixo. Encontrei nesta loja uma ótima explicação sobre circuitos. Aqui um trecho:



Making declarative statements about the various brands of preamps is not what this article is about. Writing a post on the 'Best Preamp Brands' or 'Top 10 On Board Bass Preamps' may get some views, but we'd be breaching boundaries of intellectual honesty with those kinds of articles.

We are all different...our musical styles are different. Beyond that, even the needs of a particular bass is different.

We have personally installed countless Aguilar, ACG, Audere, Bartolini, East, EMG, Noll, Glockenklang, Delano, Mike Pope, Nordstrand Audio, Seymour Duncan and other preamps.

These engineers/designers all know what they are doing and create great products.

But still, what do players love about specific preamps?

Below are some quick anecdotes that we have gathered over the years. This list covers what we currently carry and will be amended as we add new preamps to our inventory.

Aguilar OBP1 Preamp:

Great option if you want boost only 2 band from your preamp
"Reminded me of my Sadowsky Preamp"
18Volts is recommended to handle the headroom
"I can dial in a LOT of bass with this preamp"
Several customers prefer the lower frequency center of the treble control of this preamp (4kHz)

Aguilar OBP2 & Aguilar OBP3 Bass Preamps:

Clean & clear, several control configurations
Well loved mid frequency options
"Gave my bass some ballz"
Often seen as one of the more 'powerful' preamps...able to dial in a lot more of bass, mid and treble

Bartolini NTBT and NTMB Bass Preamps:

Capable of producing great fat, thick and round tones
Moderately aggressive (not subtle, not overly aggressive)
Players commonly cite this preamp is being quite musical
Ability to adjust the overall output of the active signal

EMG BQS, BQC, & BTS System Bass Preamps:

Easy install
Excellent pairing with EMG pickups
Really cuts through the mix
Popular in Spector, Modulus basses
More powerful and cleaner than a lot of stock preamps
"Brought my bass to life"

John East J Retro:

“One of the most profound upgrades to my Jazz Bass®!”
Rich deep tone in a small tweak
Tonally, this preamp is extremely versatile
Easy Install
“Has turned my cheapo MIM J Bass® into a killer!”
Ability to adjust the input gain of each pickup

Nordstrand Audio Bass Preamps:

“My bass sounds so musical after swapping in this preamp”
Boost and cut is not overly-aggressive..it is "just right"
Mid boost is in the upper mid-range compared to other preamps (wired for 1kHz and 400Hz switchable)
Treble boost is in the lower treble range compared to other preamps (4kHz) making treble boost less "airy"
Ability to adjust the overall output of the active signal


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